4. Hunting One Liners

    Gotta love a good hunting one-liners or inside joke… Here’s my favorites! What else do you got to add to the list?

    “I just got a new rifle for my wife. It was the best trade I ever made”

    “What is the definition of a non-typical whitetail? One that stays off the highway…”

    “What is the definition of a workaholic? A person who doesn’t hunt”

    “I love animals too! They are so tasty”

    “PETA stands for: People Eating Tasty Animals”

    “Vegetarian – an ancient word for inept, clumsy hunter”

  5. entering this! 

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  6. Some pictures leave you speechless.

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  7. These guys are awesome. My choice is Glock, what is yours?

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  8. Hahaha.

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  10. Step up bro!

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